Teenagers - Generation K

A brilliant article in The Guardian by five teenagers on the challenges they face, and the good parts of belonging to ‘Generation K’:

Jodie wrote:

Growing up through the financial crisis, I do worry about whether I’ll have a job or a house when I’m 25, or be able to have a family, but I also feel I’m a bit too young to think about it at the moment. But other things worry me. I’m too scared to go abroad – watching the news and seeing stuff like terrorism and the rise of Isis, it does scare me.

I don’t think politicians know what our lives are like, or how the changes they make affect young people in the real world. Young people are unfairly treated by lots of policies – for instance, you’re only allowed working tax credits from the age of 25, even though lots of young people earn very little. There are young people who work but really get nothing for working.

Isaac wrote:

There is definitely pressure at school. I’ve got mock exams starting soon, and school piles on the pressure to do well. That makes you feel nervous. Things like university fees worry me a lot because I don’t know whether I will be able to afford to go, even though I really want to.

It’s a fascinating insight into the life of teenagers.

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