Fabrice Muamba “has been able to recognise family members and respond to questions appropriately”, his club Bolton and hospital have jointly said.  Following on from Praying for Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba I thought it was important to highlight the latest improvements.

The front page of today’s Sun newspaper is devoted to the headline “God is in Control” below the subheading “Praying for Muamba”. “In God’s Hands” says the Daily Star.  Chelsea defender Gary Cahill pulled off his shirt after scoring yesterday to reveal a vest encouraging supporters to “Pray 4 Muamba”, his former team-mate.

The joint statement from Bolton and the hospital on Monday at 19:30 said:

Fabrice Muamba remains in intensive care at The London Chest Hospital. He is continuing to show signs of improvement this evening.

He is currently able to breathe independently without the aid of a ventilator. He has also been able to recognise family members and respond to questions appropriately.

These are all positive signs of progress. However, his condition remains serious and the medical staff in intensive care will continue to monitor and treat him.

His family and club would like to thank the media for continuing to respect their privacy at this time.

An earlier statement had said “he is also moving his arms and legs” but “his long-term prognosis will remain unclear for some time”.

His fiancee, Shauna Magunda, the mother of his son Joshua, posted on Twitter  on Monday evening: “All your prayers are working people thank you so so much. Every prayer makes him stronger.”

A family friend, Curtis Codrington, alsotweeted  that Muamba was now “speaking and moving. I’m on route to see him”.

Club chairman Phil Gartside and manager Owen Coyle visited the player on Monday morning.  In a statement placed on the club website, Gartside said:  “The staff at the London Chest Hospital have been nothing short of exceptional and I would like to thank them all at this ongoing critical time.  The support we had from Tottenham and our own fans was fantastic – the staff, the fans, the players and the officials at the game – it was unbelievable.”

Manager Owen Coyle, himself a Christian, said: “Everybody is praying for Fabrice, which is very important and that has been a real source of strength to the family.”

Today it also emerged that Andrew Deaner, a consultant cardiologist, who was a spectator at the match when the 23-year-old collapsed played a large part in Muamba’s survival.  He immediately ran up the gangway to the pitch where he explained to the stewards that he was a heart specialist.

Football fans today praised Dr Deaner and credited him with increasing Muamba’s chances of survival.  Hundreds of messages were posted on Twitter thanking the doctor for his “heroic efforts”. One read: “May God Reward You For Your Bravery.”

Another said: “This guy is my hero this week — Well done Dr Andrew Deaner — keep the big man Fabrice going!” Among tributes to the specialist was: “Spurs fan and heart specialist Dr Andrew Deaner should be highly commended for his actions to help @fmuamba, a true hero in my eyes.”

Dr Deaner, who ran on from Tottenham’s East Stand during Saturday’s match, had stressed that Muamba must go straight to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green, where he works. He accompanied the Bolton midfielder in the ambulance and is one of the team of specialists providing him with round-the-clock care.

The doctor, who is married with three teenage children, is also cardiology and clinical director of medicine at Barking, Redbridge and Havering University NHS Trust. Dr Graham Stuart, medical director of Sports Cardiology UK, said the quick work by Dr Deaner and the medical team at White Hart Lane had given Muamba the greatest possible chance of making a recovery.

It’s been great to hear the progress of Muamba so far, but whilst stable he is still in a critical status in intensive care, there is a long way for him and his family to go.  Don’t forget to continue to #PrayForMuamba.

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