Having got excited about Liverpool’s winning streak it promptly came to an end after suffering the worst home defeat for more than three years, a 3-1 loss over Aston Villa.

The Reds dominated the opening periods against Aston Villa but were punished for poor defensive errors, Striker Christian Benteke scored twice and Andreas Weimann sealed the victory for Villa despite Steve Gerrard pulled a goal back late on, which was no more than a consolation.

Rodgers said:

“We’re very disappointed. I’ve got to be honest I didn’t see that coming.  Our momentum and confidence coming into the game was probably as high as it has been.  We probably got punished for our decision making in that first 20 minutes and being a bit careless.

I thought we could very easily have been 3-0 up and if we do that we can control it much better but obviously we didn’t make the final pass or [find] that final bit of quality at that top end of the field and we went on to concede some poor goals.  We weren’t quite at it today and obviously they were a threat on the counterattack and got the goals.  [The squad are] very disappointed because that wasn’t us really. That wasn’t how we’ve been. Normally the intensity in our game, we’ve had a good week’s work but I thought we were flat.

It was going to be important for us today to get the first goal because of the 3-5-2 that Aston Villa were playing, they dropped into a low block and we need that first goal to open up the game.  But we had those chances early on and didn’t take them and once you couple that with sloppy play and giving the ball away in poor areas, we contrived to concede bad goals.”

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