One of the reasons I applied to work here at TBC was because of the vision they had.  The advert did nothing to catch my eye, it was the vision document they sent in the application pack that caught my imagination.  It is a big vision, yet at the same time can be made specific to individuals; it is about the community as well as the church;


The vision is about life changing encounters with Jesus for the young people.  We believe that will happen through being:

  • Inspiring

  • Relevant

  • Integrated

  • Inclusive

  • Holistic

  • Supportive


I love this vision.


The challenge for me and the Youth Leadership Team is to try and discern what we think the goals for the next few years should be.  If we’re going to be better in these areas we need to set ourselves specific targets, otherwise we’ll be in danger of bumbling along, doing lots, but getting three years down the line and not developing our work so that it leads young people further into the presence of God.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been writing papers with my thoughts on each of the key areas.  My hope is to transfer some of those individual ideas into measurable goals that we can eventually split into 3 groups: goals for the next 1-3 years; goals for the next 3-5 years; goals for the next 5-10 years.


In January as a team we’ve got an away day where we’re going to try and spend time going over these areas.  Some of these are fairly obvious to write goals for, but some of these are harder to write measurable goals for.  I’d love to hear any ideas that you have on how you’d do this.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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