On Monday we looked at Recruiting Volunteer Leaders, yesterday we talked about what process tbcYouthuse to Appoint Volunteer Leaders.  Today we’re going to share a new document that we’re in the process of launching with our volunteer leaders.

We’ve developed a Volunteer Agreement that sets out our expectations of a volunteer in the work that they do and highlights what the volunteer can expect in return from us.  The document covers:

  • Role
  • Time commitment
  • Key duties and expectations
  • Supervisor and how to raise concerns
  • Expenses
  • Christian faith
  • A policy declaration

The idea is that all volunteers will complete this document once a year – providing a natural opportunity for each leader to re-commit themselves to our youth ministry, or, if they feel appropriate to stop for a season.  It’s part of aim to be more professional in the way that we interact with and support our volunteers.

Much of our version is borrowed from other organisations, and I’m sure it’s not perfect, but feel free to look at our Volunteer Agreement and re-use any bits that work for you and your youth ministry.

Do you have a volunteer agreement in your youth ministry?

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