I love the volunteers who work with me in the youth work here at TBC, but we’re in a real season of needing more volunteers.  To be at full-strength we need:


3 leaders to work with 11-14s on a Sunday night

2 leaders to work with 14-18s on a Sunday night

2 leaders to work with 15-18s on a Friday night

7 youth cell leaders


In addition we’d like to develop our schools work including some after-schools work for the local community; start a youth cell for year 7 youngsters; and develop mentoring relationships.


We are blessed to have a good number of volunteers, but by my calculations we’re in need of a whole load more.  How do we do that?


Part of it is about the culture we’re creating in our leadership teams – does it come across as a life sentence of abuse, or does it come across as a hope-filled, encouraging, supportive environment to serve in for a season or two?


Here are some random thoughts I’ve been reflecting on about who and how we ask:

  • I’m trying to encourage young people to have more of a say in who they want as their leaders, they often come up with surprising and viable options
  • I think we need to target specific groups of adults to encourage them to serve
  • We need to give options to support the youth work without necessarily working with teenagers, e.g. Rosemary who has just come on board as an administrator is looking amazing, and will free me up to do more ministry to leaders and young people
  • We need to provide different options on commitment – some people have 30 minutes a week, others have 4 hours, how would you use them.
  • We need to move past asking in a general notice in the church weekly sheet.


How about you, what do you do to attract volunteers to the youth ministry?

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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