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Please help the church I work for win the New Forest region of the Lloyds Bank Community Fund by voting for the St Andrew’s Centre before Friday 1st November.

Anyone can vote in the Lloyds Community Fund 2013.  A voter does not need to be a customer of any of  Lloyds Banking Group companies.  You can vote for us, by visiting a branch and approaching a member of staff to ask for a voting token.

Otherwise please vote online at www.lloydsbank.com/communityfund and search for “St Andrew’s Centre”.  Click the ‘vote now’ link and enter your first name, last name and email address and then press ‘submit vote’.  You will be sent an email from the Lloyds Bank Community Fund to confirm your vote.  You should click on the link in the email to confirm your vote so that it can be counted.  If you don’t click on the link, your vote will not be counted. Any votes submitted and not confirmed by 1 November won’t count.

HINT:  On the Lloyd’s Bank website (address above) you need to search for    St Andrew’s Centre    There is no full stop after “St” but the apostrophe must be there in “Andrew’s.”

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