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The Methodist Church have produced an excellent document looking at the changing face of family ministry.

Our family ministries research project is now complete and we are able to report its findings. Exploring the way churches work with families has been an important project for us as we try to identify the range of practices occurring in the field across Great Britain.

Our aim has been to better understand:

  • who engages in family ministry

  • the type of activity this involves

  • the availability of training and resources.

For more information, please download and read the following documents:

We Are Family Booklet

We Are Family Research Findings

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0 thoughts on “The Christian Youth Work Awards”

  1. Chris, as part of the steering group for the Charter can you explain the thoughts behind the awards? Apart from raising awareness of certain individuals, what is it hoping to achieve?

    You can see from my blog post yesterday that I’m not totally sure about the idea. Convince me! 🙂

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