Children across the UK chose David Tennant – TV’s Dr. Who – as their ideal celebrity teacher in a poll conducted by CBBC Newsround and the Children’s Society. More than a quarter of those asked ‘Which famous person would make a good teacher?’ chose the doctor believing he would be a great teacher for science, history and geography because of his travels through time and space.
Newsround invited children to answer questions about how they learn. Their comments will form part of the Children’s Society’s Good Childhood Inquiry.
Other stars scoring highly were JK Rowling, followed by Dr. Who’s former assistant Billie Piper, and David Beckham.
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  1. I thought Nick was by far the best part of the day. I agree that it’s about time for some more theological and reflection on our work. I didn’t pick up the book though so I’ll have to go get a copy!

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