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This morning our 7-11 year olds spent the morning looking at ‘Why did Jesus die on a cross?’:


Equipment required: A blindfold.
Designate one young person as the ‘caller’. Stand this person in the middle of the room and blindfold them.Number each of the corners of the room.

One of the leaders starts the game off. Each of the young people have to choose one of the corners of the room to run to. When everyone is waiting in the corner of their choice the caller shouts out a number (1 – 4). Everybody in that corner is out and should sit down.

Keep playing until there is only one player left in.

Once there are only eight players left you can add the rule that there can not be more than two people in each corner. With four players left you can only have one player in each corner.

If you have time you can select a new ‘caller’ and play again. You could see which caller manages to get everyone out with the fewest number of numbers shouted out.

Quiz: HOW MUCH IS. . .?

Equipment required: An Argos catalogue.
Call out various products from the catalogue and get the group to guess how much they cost. Give four possible price options and four corners where the group members must stand if they think it’s a certain amount, e.g. How much is a Barbie doll?Go to corner A if you think it’s £9.99. Go to corner B if you think it’s £16.98. Go to corner C if you think it’s £13.50. Go to corner D if you think it £17.99

We used this powerpoint to run it as a quiz: How much is it worth?

At the end of the game ask how much a human is worth.

Explain that Jesus died for us, we are so important.


Equipment required: Some or all of the following items (optional): 7 bars of soap/fat, iron to make 1 nail, 7 cups of sugar, phosphorus to make 2200 matches, 6 buckets of water, sulphur to rid a dog of flees, 5 tablespoons magnesium/salt.Ask the group “How much money are you worth?” Get them to put a price on a human. £10,000,000?  Tell them that actually what’s actually in their body adds up to about £7

Read or show which actual items, what their bodies are made up of.

  • 7 bars of soap/fat
  • iron to make 1 nail
  • 7 cups of sugar
  • phosphorus to make 2200 matches
  • 6 buckets of water
  • sulphur to rid a dog of flees
  • magnesium/salt- 5 tablespoons

Explain that no one would sell you for just £7, you’re far more important than that. Jesus died to save all people. God loves us all so much and thinks we’re priceless!


Equipment required: 2 white t-shirts.
Start the session by reading the crucifixion story (see ‘CF04 drama’ for the text). Talk a bit about the pain that Jesus must have gone through.Tell the group that people often say ‘Jesus died for our sins’. What does that actually mean? Discuss any ideas.

Ask for a volunteer. Put a white t-shirt on him/her. Ask the group what sins they all do (lie, gossip, swear, mock, bully, boast, be rude, be unkind).  As the group say these things, write them in black marker pen into the t-shirt in big writing.  Ask “what would God say if he looked at all those wrong things we do?” He wouldn’t be able to let us into heaven because we’re not perfect as God is.

Now explain that Jesus died for all of those wrong things that we do. So, if we love Jesus, when God looks at us, He sees a brand new white t-shirt that Jesus has given to us. We’re now perfect and allowed into heaven because Jesus took our sins and made us clean. As you’re talking, give the volunteer a new white t-shirt.

Show the group this verse from the Bible (maybe write is on a big sheet of paper).

But the fact is, it was our pains he carried—

   our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us.

We thought he brought it on himself,

   that God was punishing him for his own failures.

But it was our sins that did that to him,

   that ripped and tore and crushed him—our sins!

He took the punishment, and that made us whole.

Isaiah 53:5 (The message)

Talk about what it means and tell the group that anyone can have that white t-shirt, it’s a free gift.


Equipment required: Paper and pens.
Ask the group if they have to write thank you letters after Christmas and birthdays. Why do they write them? (to thank someone for giving them a gift).Encourage the group to thank Jesus for dying for them and for the gift of eternal life in heaven.  You may prefer to write this as a group.

You could also use this time to talk about any further issues or misconceptions that may have arisen.


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