I loved the football this weekend, stash loads of goals – a record for the Premiership, some amazing comebacks and upsets, brilliant goals, and a record number of penalties.

But best of all Chelsea played Torres, their new expensive toy, whilst Dalglish didn’t need to and yet Liverpool beat Chelsea, and pretty much destroyed any chances Chelsea had of winning the league.

Our defence was immense, Martin Kelly defended well, but was even better at attacking, and so consequently pushing Ashley Cole back; Jamie Carragher, as Dalglish said, looked like he was a new player.  He led well, ensuring that Drogba and Anelka had no real chance on goal, and blocking Torres’ only shot.  Raul Meirelles has become a potential new Kop hero, scoring the only goal of the game.  This was much needed, especially after Maxi Rodriguez’s point blank miss.

We’re now 6th in the Premiership and look like we might well sneak a European place – happy days!

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