Diocese of Winchester

As a Bishop held responsible for the money, the mission and the response.

The board of Finance are held responsible if it goes pear shaped, but the Synod is responsible for the total amount of expenditure – not the detail of the budget.

How does the money work for us:

Average parish spends

  • 15.88% on Capital Expenditure
  • 5.07% on Charitable Giving
  • 40.09% on Parish Share
  • 25.30% on Other Running Costs
  • 13.65% on Salaries and Expenses

A three year budget allows a little wiggle room for carrying forward and altering the order of priorities.

Diocesan Expenditure

  • 80% on Mission Development
  • 12% on Mission Support
  • 8% on National Church’s mission

Diocesan Income

  • 84% Parish Share
  • 8% Fees from occasional offices
  • 2% Rental Income
  • 1% Professional Fees
  • 1% Old Aresford Place
  • 4% General Income

This shows how critical the Parish Share is to us.

Mission Development

88% is focussed on clergy stipend and housing.  Other areas are all ways in which we do mission, different ways.

Mission Support

Central support is people in the Diocesan Office and the Diocesan Office is how you run the plant.

National Church’s mission support

All agreed by the General Synod – major changes to ensure we now get good value, and impressed by the delivery.  Rachel is someone we pay for through this.  That’s what we pay for.  The only commitment for Mission Agency/Mission Socieities the rest is how they gain though freewill – we have many other ways we can increase our freewill.

That this Synod authorises the Diocesan Board of Finance to expend the sum of £39,722,000 of which £33,478,000 to be generated from parish share in 2014-2016.  The Bishop’s Council is requested to explore opportunities to generate additional sources of income which it may use to support the Synod’s emerging strategic priorities.

Questions and Discussion

Given in 2014 we are £200k under how confident is the Bishop in reaching this.

Since 2010 no increase in total Parish Share, very sad if it was to be cut any further.  The 1.8% increase from Deaneries is looking like it will not be managed.  If there is a shortfall in 2014, there might be higher increases than the 1.8% for future years.

2014 budget has a £100k contingency, who has the authority to spend it and is it carried forward.

With the £100k reserve, and the £200k shortfall is there a reserve from which this can be resolved or is it a future black hole.

Bishop’s answers:

£200k is a short-fall but we’re asking if we can give more, it is not a lot in this Diocese.

This is real back-to-basics, and we’re beginning to cut into the bones in quite an uncomfortable way.  Hopefully as we work through the Parish Share proposals we could see a difference.  People will want to give money to a vision.

Contingency money goes ups and downs with cuts you can make along the way – to help smooth the expenditure.

We have no real reserves as the Crown took it, Lincoln gets £4mm a year from its investments.



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