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This is the “Strategy Three and where next” session led by Jill Garrett.  As normal this is a live blog so apologies for any typos/spelling mistakes.


Agreeing our priorities

It is the role of Synod to agree the direction of travel for the diocese in response to the Vision offered by +Tim – Living the Mission of Jesus.

This has been a long and well debated motion in terms of person hours.


Under God, delighting in His grace and rooted in the Diocesan rule of life, we will be a Diocese in which:

  1. We grow authentic disciples, going out as individuals passionately, confidently, and courageously sharing their faith and coming together as creative church communities of prayer and worship that live out kingdom values.
  2. we re-imagine the Church intentionally connecting and engaging with our local communities in culturally relevant ways.  We will rejoice in the richness of the “mixed economy” of all ministry and proactively promote vibrant parochial and breathe-taking pioneering ministries amongst “missing” generations, e.g. children, young people, under 35s.
  3. We are agents of social transformation using our influence as a Diocese to transform public and personal life.  We will demonstrate loving faith at work in local communities and across the globe bringing healing, restoration and reconciliation.  E.g. through Education, Social Enterprise, Health Care, Spiritual Care Teams.
  4. We belong together in Christ, practicing sacrificial living and good stewardship of all that God has entrusted to us.  We will combine radical generosity, care and capacity building with a clear focus on directing finance into the mission of Jesus.  Sharing and multiplying local good practice, using people, buildings and other resources wisely we will seek to boldly prune, plant and invest in building for the Kingdom.


These priorities are Diocesan priorities and need to go to:

NAT – Northern Archdeaconry Team / SAT – Southern Archdeaconry Team /CIT – Channel Islands Team – who will create goals and tactics.  But at every level the Diocesan Strategic Priorities are almost virally going out you will see things looking different in the Deaneries’ Goals and Tactics and the Parishes’ Goals and Tactics.  Our direction of travel is the same.


How will this happen?

How many people have had their expectations surpassed by this conference?  We trusted them to produce a conference and they surpassed our expectations.  We have to trust the Bishop’s Staff Team to resource these priorities, with a proper launch event with dinner and resources so you go back equipped, able to continue dialogue and more.  This viral infection will only happen if you are enthused and able to enthuse others – enthusing and helping them to understand.

A lot of the things that aren’t in the words is about the pictures, the examples, the model, how the finance will work – what do you want in any launch programme?

Write on a post-it note what you want to see happen?

It will only work if it is carried through the people of God.


Been to the top of the mountain, we’ve had some amazing experiences with God, where does it go from here.  +Peter suggested: Hebrews 11:1 – a Diocese that is transformed and begins to transform other dioceses, the Church of England, our nation and the globe.  We ordinary human beings but we are filled with the spirit of God.  Hebrews 12:1-2 – fixing our eyes on Jesus.


+Tim proposed the motion: This Synod, adopts the Strategic Priorities as developed by the Diocesan Conference.




A time of sharing what has this Conference meant for you, challenged for you, broadened your thoughts, destroyed some views:

  • Pat: Privilege of being a deaf person included and welcomed in this Conference.
  • Robert: How the hell do I share this with my Parish.  But so much bigger, vibrant than anything I or my church could imagine.
  • Ian: Had the job of Chairing the Synod in 2009 which cut the Chaplaincies and other ministries.  Sure we will look again at the funding of Universities, Colleges but also with deaf people.
  • Peter Salisbury: one of the things that has happened is people have been praying from afar.  In Lymington have Lyfe groups, they were studying Luke 5:1-11 – put out into deep water – a bravery of the decisions to be made.
  • Young people: Truly inspirational to hear so many diverse theological backgrounds find some commonality under the Spirit, go back to his College more proud than ever before to be part of the Church of England.  //  Absolutely fantastic to hear the things we’ve been praying for months, easy on the coal face to get a negative view of the diocese in the sky, so encouraging to hear all these people on board with a passion for mission and transforming communities.  //  What’s really struck me is +Tom opening up what the Bible says about us, it’s all about these huge things, these huge men and women of God – so earth shakingly big.  We think we’re very normal and it’s been incredible to think about being the Temple and the water running through the villages of Hampshire.  Excited about what God will do with that faith and vision.  //  Spent a lot of yesterday crying, awe inspired by what the Synod put before us, excited about what will happen, got one more year of training, but I will trust you with it for the next 9 months and look forward to joining you.
  • Richard: Aged 65 retired, and a year later hear.  Bowled over, became a Christian late in life, became a missionary, seen the words of the mission God, in Weston in the big housing estate, never believed he would see it through the Diocese.  Jon Oliver told us the story of the friends taking the lame man to Jesus, and he asked “who are you?”  I think I’m the main part, oh no the other one, not Jesus.  We all laughed.  There’s something very deep, loved the way Jon didn’t point the finger at the scribes, realised also in the crowd, but the biggest joke is I am the main part, oh no I’m not Jesus, you are the main part, you will do greater things than I have done.  Can we not say the Spirit of the Lord is upon us?
  • Bob Keys: got excited when coming, people said the Bishops Staff Team had stitched it, but it was clear that the BST had some things, but it was Synod’s strategy, and people asking to approve things, developing accountability for the BST.  It is your church, and it is great that Synod has had courage to take responsibility.  The need for it to be bottom up, not top down.  The importance of going away, seeing how those things work out, but they won’t be the same everywhere, e.g. Basingstoke, Southampton, Guernsey have permission to see how that works out and celebrate how that will look different in different places.
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