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Session 8 is entitled “Strategy One” led by Jill Garrett.  This is a live blog – apologies for any spelling mistakes and/or typos.

If our purpose is, together, to live out the mission of Jesus across this diocese and thus transform the communities of which we are part.  Often think of how we’re like a disco mirror ball experiencing and living out the mission of God in slightly different ways.

What are the 3 or 4 areas that we all need to focus on across the diocese if we are to live out this mission and make this difference.  It is a hard ask but we have the Holy Spirit to help and guide us.

The why and impact of strategy

Vision sets our destination for the diocese.  Strategy defines the route we will take to the destination together.  Strategy gives clear high level priorities.  It enables us to direct resources (especially time), to ensure the vision thrives in our own communities, in the diocese and more widely.  This is good stewardship.  As Synod you are responsible for setting strategic direction and promoting it to the whole diocese so we have something to pass on to our children and their children.

Double listening

Called to double listening.  Some of the key drivers for Fresh Expressions Communities were an emphasis on discipleship, being church not just doing church.

Luke 10:1-17

Jesus decided where not to go – it is good stewardship to know this.  If we concentrate on everything then we end up with little impact.  If we focus on “step change” strategic priorities for next 3-5 years and then manage them and choose another set of priorities.

Luke 4:14-19

“This is God’s year to act” as the Message paraphrases it.

World Cafe

On tablecloths you will write things down.  Table host starts with prayer, and then everyone will contribute and listen.  Key ideas captured on the tablecloth.  Table hosts don’t move from the table.  The rest of you will circulate to different tables – arriving with what is on your table.  Ideas shared and linked.  Patterns, insights, deeper questions.  Consensus will come with commonality of thought.

As you think about the vision of a diocese transformed by passionate Christians living out the mission of Jesus in your communities, what three or four common areas do we need to focus onto make this real?

Summary of ideas

  • Prayer, Prayer, Prayer
  • Go for Generation Y
  • Energising and equipping the Saints
  • Deepening personal and corporate faith
  • Innovative, pioneering, ground-breaking ministry
  • Transformational in public life
  • Social justice, outworking of our faith in community
  • Building a culture of trust, healing and reconciliation
  • Growing as consciously authentic disciples
  • Social transformation – public, visual, effective
  • Pioneering, contextual church
  • Discipleship – growing, nurturing and fostering
  • Equip and empower leadership at all levels
  • Life transformation – deepening our encounters with Christ
  • Enable and equip the Saints
  • Serve and engage community
  • Risk taking and pruning
  • Loving service in the community
  • Connecting with the culture with emerging generation (pioneering)
  • Discipleship (confident Christians and empowering leaders)
  • Highly visible engagement with society
  • Courageous discipleship
  • Passionate social engagement
  • Living a radical, authentic Christian life
  • Committed to re-imaging the church
  • Bringing joy through radical generosity
  • Effective communication – sharing the news
  • Confidence in the gospel through deepening spirituality
  • Making best use of resources, re-evaluating buildings
  • Engaging with culture in a visible way
  • Encouraging distinctive whole life discipleship
  • Radical evaluation of all our resources for the sake of mission
  • Pruning – costly reallocation of resources from maintenance to mission
  • Creation of proper capacity to underpin mission
  • Personal and social transformation through prayer and dsicpleship
  • Understanding and connecting with community and culture
  • investing in fresh ministry
  • Laying foundations of faith in young people
  • Encouraging and equipping disciples
  • Using a variety of options to reach out to pubs and clubs using church buildings
  • Enriching discipleship
  • Strengthening mission
  • Engagement with community
  • Authentic Christian living expressed in stewardship and environmental care
  • Everyone growing through prayer and scripture
  • Irresistible, encouraging and sharing of faith
  • Growing confident disciples
  • Improving channels of communication in and out of the church
  • Prayer and spirit filled listening
  • Good communication internally and externally
  • Missional discipleship
  • Commitment to a radical rule of life
  • Sharing workable models of ministry in engaging the community
  • Authentic disciples
  • Creating kingdom value communities
  • Revolutionary prayer communities
  • Engage with culture across all generations
  • Understanding the mixed economy – both traditional and emerging forms of ministry
  • Criteria applied to finance to achieve missional objectives
  • Liberate local churches for mission
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