Liverpool, to my relief, won the Carling Cup against Cardiff on Sunday.  Whilst it wasn’t the best performance I’m slightly confused by the media’s response.  We were described as being lucky in our winning of the Carling Cup, whereas Manchester United’s last minute win over Norwich City was described as the mark of champions.

I’m confused – we can beat the best teams in England en-route to a final that we win – and we’re described as lucky, but Ryan Giggs scoring in the 92nd minute is the mark of champions.

Yes it would have been nice to win by a convincing 3-0 but in the end it doesn’t matter.  When we won the Champions League in 2005 having gone 3-0 down before half-time, bringing it back to 3-3 in the second half, winning on penalties, people described it as the greatest Champions League final.

We won the UEFA cup in 2003 by a “golden goal” that was also an own goal from a long free kick, after a 4-4 in normal time; and while many opposition fans will begrudge us that success also, it is still widely regarded as the best UEFA Cup final.

These are just two examples of “great victories” that were achieved in, at best description, “marginal” fashion.

In the end, does it matter how you won something?  When we talk about winning the Champions League five times we don’t add the one was a lucky win on penalties in Rome.”  If you win the Premiership on goal difference it matters for about 3 months until the next season starts then all anyone is going to remember is that you won the League, not how.

And I don’t believe we’re the only fans in the country to think like this.  For example, Arsenal fans love the fact that Michael Thomas scored that unexpected goal in the 89th minute.  They don’t talk about it as lucky, they just remind us time and time again how they won.

The Carling Cup reads “2012: Liverpool FC” not “2012: Liverpool FC: but luckily by penalties against Championship opposition”.  Sure it wasn’t the ideal performance, but the result was.  At the end of the season we won the Cup, for the record 8th time!  Kenny Dalglish is now part of a rare group of managers who have won every trophy in the game – not a bad result all in all!

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