Having showed most of World Cup 2010 on the big screen we ran a shortened evening service, followed by a showing of the final on our big screen.

We started by singing a couple of songs and then moving into an update from our church football teams.  From there we watched a clip from the Onside 2010, a DVD produced by BMS that looked at the Street Child World Cup. We linked into the Street World Cup by praying for a number of our young people who were leaving that week to go to Mumbai for a two week mission, working with Oasis India.  I then preached a short (11 minutes) sermon using the following points as reasons the World Cup reminds us of the Christian life:

  • There’s a prize to win
  • There’s a team to play on
  • There’s training to be done
  • There’s a captain to follow
  • There’s a perfect referee

Having whizzed through these points we again used the Onside DVD, this time watching a two minute clip of Kaka’s testimony.  Following this we closed the service and started the coverage of the Final.

We saw over 70 people start the evening watching the final, unsurprisingly, given it’s stop-start nature due to the constant fouls and it being the night before a school day we saw numbers decrease at the end of normal play, before extra time.

The service seeemed to go well, although attendance was well down in comparison with a normal Sunday evening – a number of people didn’t want to come because it was about football, a number of others were watching the game at home with family and friends, whilst others had lost interest because England has been knocked out two weeks earlier.

What did you do, if anything, for the World Cup Final?

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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