Some useful blog posts and news articles for those interested in youth culture:

Facebook is expanding yet again: as part of its ongoing effort to stay ahead of Google+. This time, the site will unveil “read,” “listen,” “watch,” and “want” buttons on the wall along with the “like” button. We imagine Millennials will “like” these new features and they’ll certainly benefit marketers as well.

Children aged under 10 in the UK: have a plethora of tech devices at their fingertips!  A third have their own cell phones, with one in 10 having a smartphone. About a quarter have a gaming system, and nearly one in five has their own flat-screen TV in their rooms and their own laptop.

The iGeneration: The iGeneration, also called Generation Z, is a young but mighty group of consumers under the age of 18. Their personal disposable income is higher than generations before.  Devices are beginning to outrank content in brand appeal; TV networks, for example, are on the decline in popularity.  However, the bigger point for marketers is this group’s influence. By the time they reach university, they have accumulated 300 or more friends on Facebook and they hold significant sway with the purseholders, otherwise known as their parents.

A new United Nations report shows an unprecedented rise in the number of Millennials struggling to find work has taken place between 2008 and 2009, the International Labor Organization report shows unemployment rose 4.5 million in that time. The global total is now at 75 million, with an unemployment rate of 12.7 percent.  The only glimmer of hope here is that the youth unemployment rate is set to decrease this year by 0.1 percent, to 12.6 percent.

The Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award: can be run at KS3 or KS4, as a twilight session, in form period, or even out of school time.  It combines learning about faith heroes with actual social action and doing.  Young people learn what Bono’s faith means to him, or Andy Hawthorne’s or The Archbishop’s or even Mother Theresa’s, they then make contact with an organisation they want to help, and in term three they go off and do!




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