Some useful blog posts and news articles for those interested in youth culture:

  • Demographics are drastically changing for youth in the U.S.: since there are more minority babies than White babies being born for the first time ever.  According to the Census Bureau, non-Hispanic Whites make up just under half of all children three-years-old.
  • Parents may want to limit their children’s TV viewing: results show that watching TV programs during the day that depict violence was associated with increased sleep problems in children ages 3 to 5. In addition, watching TV after 7:00 p.m. was linked with increased sleep problems, regardless of whether the shows were violent or not.
  • How your teenage daughter dictates the family spending: The willpower and determination of teenage girls gives them a big say in how a family’s spending money goes on everything from food and meals out to mobile phones and, of course, clothes.  The findings on the irresistible spending power of teenage girls were calculated from Office for National Statistics records of family spending during the 80s and 90s.
  • Apple just sold its 15 billionth App: that amounts to 415 million apps downloaded by the 200 million iOS users per month. An even more impressive number is the $2.5 billion the company has put in the hands of app developers.
  • Lady Gaga’s YouTube Account Suspended: in very ironic circumstances her account was suspended for copyright violations.  Gaga’s official YouTube account was suspended because she posted footage from her recent appearance on the Japanese show “SMAP x SMAP,” on the Fuji TV network. The widely-circulated video of the 10-minute performance in which Gaga sang a medley of songs from Born This Way resulted in a takedown request from Media Interactive Inc.
  • According to OFCOM: in the UK, 60% of teenagers who have smartphones are addicted to their devices, 65% use the devices when hanging out with friends, and some even watch less TV and read less because they’re occupied with their phones.
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