Yesterday I blogged about our Youth Mission Trips in the UK, today I want to write very briefly about our mission trips abroad.  As a church we’ve had a relationship with a number of projects in India through BMS World Mission and Oasis so it’s of no real surprise that we’re planning on going back to India this summer, although we’re trying something new this year, going direct to Oasis India which has cut a lot of the administrative fees, allowing us to keep costs lower for young people.

As a number of my other posts have said one of our key values in our youth mission trips is about relationship.  We’re keen for all the young people to be involved in these mission trips even if it is only the older two years who can actually go on the trip.  This includes involving them in raising money and praying for the trip, but also looking at how we can provide specific financial and prayer support for the project we’re visiting throughout the year.

Our current dilemma is how we develop and sustain this – initially we thought we could do an international trip every two years, now with a growth in young people involved in our work we’re now looking to run these trips every year.  In our longer term plan we’d like to explore the options of doing longer trips – at present we normally take young people away for two weeks, but we’re interested in options of taking young people for four weeks – we think that although there’s an increased cost, there’s an increased opportunity to understand, and give back to a very different culture.

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