As we start the last day this morning in Main Session 4 Rachel Gardner will be speaking on Psalm 16 and Surrender to the Love: David.  We’ll try and love blog this session if the internet holds out – apologies as usual for spelling mistakes etc.

Steve Leach is firing out some tunes as the theatre begins to fill up this morning.

Damian and the gang welcome us – the room is still filling up well.  Notices include Stop the Traffik; new Jesus Culture CD is only available in the world here today!  Spring Harvest in need of some youth workers to support young people at Spring Harvest who have special needs.

Last year Phil Wall gave out £10 notes for us to grow for their work – roughly £900 is now £19,000!  Hope HIV are thrilled with that.  If you’ve still got the £10 it’s still not too late to do something with the £10, check out  Hope HIV.

Matt’s on stage to lead us in corporate prayer of Psalm 16 which we’re reading through later with Rachel.

Now into a time of worship led by Vicky Beeching and her fantastic band – Let everything that has breath.

Welcoming Rachel Gardner, this morning’s speaker, to the stage.

Sometimes the theme of surrender can feel heavy, but a sense of joy and deep desire, even in the midst of our brokenness.  Been married to a Northern ginger guy called Jason – some hilarious stories around jealousy.  Jealousy can be a real issue, but isn’t it a fine line between jealous and admiration.

Rachel admired Gladys Ayleswood who went to China as a missionary, ended up as a foot inspector checking on young girls who had their feet bound.  During the Second World War she took 94 children and walked them across the mountains to take them to safety.

For God jealousy isn’t that unrighteous green-eyed monster, but it comes from a place where he knows he can fulfill everything that is needed.  Psalm 16 is an intimate portrayal of the jealousy between God and David.

If we can’t write Psalms like this, not in terms of grammar or poetry stile, but in terms of our hunger for God then what are we doing.

Abbi’s video reading of scripture – Psalm 16.

David’s peace

This is a mictang (sp?) which means cover –a sense of God’s covering of his life.  David has a sure belief that God the Almighty is covering him, and we can have that same belief.  David is unpacking a great secret that he has learnt – a long steady surrender to God.  He knows that he has the choice to do it this way – not to look at other God’s, women and kingdoms – which David checked out.

It reminds Rachel of some of Paul’s writings – whatever he does Phil 4.12 “I have learnt ot be content in all things”.  Paul being a philosopher knew that the word “content” would have sounded like self-sufficiency – the Stoics had a poem about not caring, rising above the world.

Paul is infusing everything that David had learnt – not that we don’t care but that we have received God’s shalom, his peace.

It’s a challenge for us in youth work, are we allowing our young people to hear the voices of more mature Christians who can share their long surrender story.  Many older Christians who aren’t youth workers could share these stories.

David’s reward

We see David’s reward.  It is not just his satisfaction (v. 5) but also his security (v. 8).  The place you go to feed your hunger is the place where you feel secure.  We’re safe this weekend and so this is one of the few places that we look at where we feed our hunger.  We’ve been able to have a great feast – no fast food – we know the reality isn’t a fast-fix to surrender.  We feed our appetites in the wrong ways, we can see that in David’s last life, we’re challenged to make God our first refuge, our first appetite, going beyond things like masturbation and shopping.

If it isn’t modeled then it isn’t mimicked.  If young people don’t see us hungry then they won’t follow.  Rachel is hungry that her young people become like Gladys Ayleswood, Patrick Regan, youth workers here.  We’re challenged when young people do things like give up facebook for lent, what do we do?  We’re challenged to be fully surrendered, we need to ensure we don’t get in the way of God’s work with our young people, but we need to have this great hunger to stand in the gap for them, to help them have space to engage with faith, to stand in the gap between their parents divorce and them and say it won’t have the final say, to help them in the gap between school and them.  As we stand in the gap with God, God is standing in the gap for us.

We’re sharing communion later, the perfect example of Christ standing in the gap for us.  Let’s pray for us as we’re coming home, it’s easy to surrender here, but at home it’s easy to sit on the sofa, with a glass of red wine and the Lost box set.  Let’s ask God to cover us, to be our first refuge because we know God is asking us to stand in the gap for our young people.

Going to worship and share communion so I’m closing the laptop down.


Really powerful time of worship at the end: shining our mobile phones in worship as a representation of being God’s light with in our cities, towns, villages, and for our young people.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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