YouTube has introduced new rules to control access to posts that have nudity or a sexual theme but do not constitute pornography.  Only users claiming to be adults will be able to view videos that titillate but fall short of containing sexually explicit material, which is banned.

Accordng to a YouTube Blog post, the new rules are:

  • Tightened standards for what is “sexually suggestive.” Anything deemed as such will be not viewable by those under 18 (good luck with that).
  • Sexually suggestive videos and videos that contain swearing will be “algorithmically demoted” on the Most Viewed, Top Favorite and other browse pages.
  • Thumbnails will now be selected algorithmically. You can choose from three different options, but the images will not be automatically picked from the quarter-way, halfway, and three-quarter-way points in the video.
  • Stricter enforcement of video information. No more gaming views by creating misleading video description, tags or other metadata.

I am excited about this – I think it is a really good step in the right direction towards protection young people, especially those in the 11-14s bracket who spend so much time on YouTube.

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